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Most of the icons that I have created - dark, beautiful, science fiction, and/or fantasy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
dark, beautiful, science fiction, and/or fantasy

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Most of the icons that I have created [Dec. 30th, 2007|12:01 am]
dark, beautiful, science fiction, and/or fantasy
Credit fine_clarity unless otherwise stated.
Leave a notification comment if you have taken any icons.
Stating which specific icons you have taken is optional.
This icon page is subject to change.

miscellaneous beauty:
'the moon'
'spiral galaxy'
'the parthenon'
'the khazneh of petra'
'chamber mouth'
'carousel mask'
'ramayana chariot'
'steel rose'
'Michael Jackson coffin'
'true terminator'
'hand blaster'
'nuclear soldier'
'30s truck'
'model T'
'liberty leading the people'
'darth freedom'
'young rabbit'

'beware of crocoduck'; a tribute to Kirk Cameron's misrepresentation of how evolution works
'dick tower' (washington monument); I created this icon by a request from amnormand, who created the concept and first draft; credit amnormand in addition to myself
'male-chauvinist Vader'
'darth baby eater'
'Tesla Jeebus'

simple beauty, mostly in the form of quasi-political icons:
'symbol of precision'
'focus of truth and justice'
'lily of censored beauty', high resolution version.
This initially appears to be a lily, but it contains a beautiful possible shape of a female breast (2 shapes upside-down and back-to-back to form the flower). Since censorers can not censor mere shapes, this icon can be displayed in censored areas, so as to partially frustrate said censorship.
'polyamorist atheist' (incorporates the greek letter pi); minimal bandwidth
'atheist vampire'; minimal bandwidth
'atheist vampire, alternate graphic'; minimal bandwidth
'NATO secularism'

science fiction character series:
'imperious leader cylon'
'Darth Maul'
'Boba Fett'
'V, front'
'V, side'

nude pin-up series:
Some of the best nude pin-up icons, from an age when womanliness was appreciated, an age before masculine female models, anorexic models, implants, undeveloped teen nudes, and vulgar porn...
'Julie Williams'
'Janey Frawley, pic#1'
'Janey Frawley, pic#2'
'Janey Frawley, pic#3'
'Janey Frawley, pic#4'
'Terry Higgins' -rare perfectly shaped breasts
'Terry Higgins, pic #2'
'Kathy's perfect butt'
'unknown beautiful nude woman'

beautiful faces:
'Kate Beckinsale's face' -beautiful enough in this picture to be rated R.
'face erotica'
'Hudson Leick's big brown eyes'

miscellaneous female beauty:
'real angel'
'shadowed Kate Beckinsale'; a modified icon from http://lynnhowell.com/icons.html ; this is a variant of the icon with a plain background; credit lynnhowell.com in addition to myself
'female lower back'
'beautiful breast from the side'
'unknown nudist'
'bronze Rosie'
'karyn statue'
'mega toe'

[User Picture]From: velvatier
2008-07-07 06:45 am (UTC)
taking vader!
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